When Will the Madness End? When Did It Begin?

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Consider this, as Americans we are reactionary and have a short memory cycle. A meaningful conversation about the racial tension and recent violence in America is not just a discussion about current incidents or even about recent history. It goes deeper and is more serious than that! We must consider how long we have tolerated this sinful condition to grow and fester within our culture? We must consider the historical truth about racial violence in America. The original sin of America is the violent institutionalized slavery of Africans, followed by vicious Jim Crow laws, oppressive reconstruction, and an evil history of intuitional racism.

Do We Have Stage Three Cancer?

So, immoral racism has been allowed to metastasize for centuries. It has spread throughout our culture. One cannot adequately diagnose or treat stage three cancer the same way you would address the treat of a broken bone from a car accident that happened last night. That would be a fatal mistake. Racism is a stage three cancer! The problem has spread far beyond these resent violent events. And I am sad to say, unless the church rises up and sieges this moment in history and to be salt and the light of Christ to this country, we are destined to see this cancer become stage four and terminal!

What Are The Hard Questions?

Radical treatments begin with addressing some of the fundamental and crucial questions about our current situation:

  • What role should the Christian Church (Black and White) in America play in this sinful, social, economic, and political disease?

  • How many cycles of deadly violence against Black people and the desperate futile cries for justice, followed by political backlash by terrified White politicians protecting the status quo and avoiding a trans-formative response?

  • How many more Black children must be sacrificed to poverty, disease, and violence before it becomes worthwhile for all Americans to decide to embrace the pain of seeking and facing the truth?

We Are Better Together!

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