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Giving Voice to Truth's Truth Talks are transformational experience — an opportunity to build meaningful, honest relationships across racial lines. 

Marble Surface

I have been a part of similar discussions in the past, but this discussion was the first one that forced me to look within and determine the spiritual and historical roots of the racial issues we face as a country.  I was challenged, educated, confronted, and transformed. Transformation is a journey, and for me, Truth Talks was a necessary first step.

Marlin, Truth Talk Alumnus

This workshop has given me the opportunity to express my true feelings about race with others who do not look like me. It has also allowed me to hear the hearts of others about race and how we all should work together to improve racial relations.

Randy, Truth Talk Alumnus

The workshop allowed me to build bridges toward improving racial relations by creating a space to have candid discussions, share thought-provoking information, and establish great cross-cultural relationships.

I really appreciated the way honest dialogue was encouraged through love and empathy. I am more hopeful than ever that I can eliminate my own biases, develop new relationships, and contribute to overcoming injustice in our communities.


This workshop has allowed me to better understand how history connects to the present, the depth of the brokenness and sin in our society, my own role in that brokenness, and a path towards healing. 


Scott, Truth Talk Alumnus

Jared, Truth Talk Alumnus

Patrick, Truth Talk Alumnus

Hearing all of the stories from everyone really made a deep impact on me, praying to God during all of our sessions, growing my faith even further

This opened my eyes more widely to the prevalence of bias and prejudice and how it affects Black people today. It grew my understanding and empathy and desire to be an active part of change.

Ellen, Truth Talk Alumnus

Bill, Truth Talk Alumnus

This workshop was an answer to the prayer of my heart.


Rick, Truth Talk Alumnus

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