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Transformational, relationship-building discussions across racial lines

What are Truth Talks About Race?

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Giving Voice to Truth hosts regular Truth Talks About Race, a 6-week program that guides members through a curriculum focusing on historical and current racial injustices, biases, and spiritual separations between members of the Body of Christ. Participants are asked to engage in a deep personal assessment of racial prejudice and then move towards healing through open, unfiltered discussion and prayer.
Truth Talks welcome members of all races, sexes, and ages. 

Truth Talks About Race are virtual meetings using Zoom, which means anyone can participate, regardless of location. We are currently accepting new members for the posted upcoming dates.

Upcoming Sessions 

Session 1 

Session 2 

Session 3 

February 19 - March 06

July 09 - August 13

October 01 – November 05

Truth Talk Curriculum

The Project Intro

Overview to help set expectations and seek commitment for the entire 5 sessions.

Session #1 Revelation

Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal hidden facts and truths about racism.

Session #2 Illumination

Prayerfully present the historical and biblical aspects of the sin of slavery and racism in America.

Session #3 Unification 

Learn about families of origin and how our coping mechanisms have shaped human behavior.

Session #4 Relationships

Promote personal spiritual growth to pursue healthy relationships across the racial lines and preparedness to influence others, especially in the church.

Session #5 Review & Evaluation 

Highlight the power of the Believer’s New Identity which empowers us to live life across the racial divide.

What Participants Are Saying

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 Jared, Truth Talk Alumnus 

This workshop has allowed me to better understand how history connects to the present, the depth of the brokenness and sin in our society, my own role in that brokenness, and a path towards healing. 

 Marlin, Truth Talk Alumnus 

I have been a part of similar discussions in the past, but this discussion was the first one that forced me to look within and determine the spiritual and historical roots of the racial issues we face as a country.  I was challenged, educated, confronted, and transformed. Transformation is a journey, and for me, Truth Talks was a necessary first step.

 Patrick, Truth Talk Alumnus 

I really appreciated the way honest dialogue was encouraged through love and empathy. I am more hopeful than ever that I can eliminate my own biases, develop new relationships, and contribute to overcoming injustice in our communities.  

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