My lifelong mission is to add value, promote success, and encourage victorious living in all I meet.

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Hi, I'm Pastor Erven Kimble, founder of Giving Voice to Truth. 

After college, I worked in the corporate computer industry for 25 years. I accepted a huge pay cut when I retired early from a large computer company in order to answer the call from God to pastor a small church in the suburbs of Atlanta; where I had the privilege of helping a lot of people grow spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. I really loved the assignment God had called me to do. After 24 years of service as a pastor, God made it clear that I had finished that assignment.


I began working as a social entrepreneur with a nonprofit ministry. This work required I network with Christian businessmen, which later led me to a weekend retreat. I found myself back between two worlds; corporate business world and the Black community. At this retreat, God arrested me and put me on a trajectory that revealed the racial divide that exists in the hearts of so many believers in the contemporary Christian community.

Giving Voice to Truth is the result of that journey.