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I am a gospel preacher, licensed Christian counselor, life coach, mentor, teacher, and public speaker.

I’m sure you hear a lot of voices today in the culture speaking about the racial divide in our country. These voices are passionate, often very emotional, and very opinionated. They represent a wide range of views and thoughts that exists in the minds of the American people. Many are genuine in their motives but of course not all. There are voices about the political environment, voices for social justice, voices for historical accuracy, and voices speaking about the educational, financial, and cultural relevance concerning the racial climate in our culture.


But very seldom are we hearing the voice of God concerning this issue.


Where is the voice of Truth? Is God not speaking to our culture concerning the racial divide? I believe that God is speaking… I'm not sure many are listening.


This brings me to the new project God has laid on my heart: to author a book and other workshop materials called “Giving Voice to Truth: God’s Heart For Racial Unity.” This endeavor is not something that I chose, it is something that I was chosen for. I'm asking for your prayers and your participation.


I believe racism is an issue that divides not only our nation and the world but also the Body of Christ, rendering it impotent in culture. Sunday morning is still the most segregated hour in America. White Evangelicals and Black Churches are on opposite ends of the spectrum with little or no visible common ground between them. What does this say to the culture? To me, it says much prayer is needed.

Right now, our organization is actively engaged in organizing virtual Truth Talks, a 6-week series to engage members in conversations across racial lines. Participants discuss a curriculum that focuses on our 3 principles of revelation, illumination, and unification, with lessons in current and historical injustices.

Interested? Get more information here.

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Find out how we can work together to give voice to truth. 

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