Trying to Make Sense of the Violence!

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

If you are like most, you are understandably shocked and desperately trying to make sense of what is happening in our county and perhaps wondering what you can do to help. Any constructive dialogue and response must be framed in the context of the historical record of racial violence in this country, beginning with one of the most violent and sinful acts in American history – centuries of institutionalized slavery of Africans.

What Some of The Hard Questions?

How do we begin to address some of the fundamental and crucial questions about our condition?

  • When are Believers going to take the time and put in the hard work to have those exceedingly difficult and painful conversations about this sinful disease of the soul?

  • How many more generations are going to be subjected to this scourge that has plagued our nation for centuries?

We Are Better Together!

I have authored a book, entitled "Giving Voice to Truth... God's Heart for Racial Unity"! This biblically based book along with informational resources is a guide designed to help frame and promote these difficult but needed conversations. The book is currently with a publisher and is soon to be released.

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I’ll send you a FREE draft of the “Introduction” to my book as a token of my appreciation of your interest in this crucial life and death struggle for the nation.

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Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Kimble

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